Our Story

Carpet Link  is Uganda’s leading carpet and curtain distributor. As a
soft flooring specialist distribute high-quality broadroom and modular
carpets. Our extensive product portfolio includes luxury and specialist

At Carpet Link we offer a great collection of carpets where you will discover a variety of options. You will be able to choose from various colors, styles, fibers and textures so that you can find the carpet that suits your needs. In your home, a carpet is aesthetically appealing because it creates a beautiful
decorative visual across the room. Comfort is one of the most popular benefits of having carpets in your home because it gives you a softer surface to stand and walk on as well as to sit or lay on if you wish. In addition, it minimises the noise when you walk on carpets. No hard or loud footsteps as you would get when walking with shoes on hard floors.

Cleaning The Carpets

Maintaining carpets is also easier than you think
because regular cleaning of the carpet mainly involves vacuuming. And these days, the treatments available to remove stains are getting easier with advancements in technology, thus most stains can be removed. You don’t need to have the expertise or extreme equipment to maintain and clean your carpets. With the many advancements in the manufacturing of carpets, solutions include that where  carpets are made with stain resistant technology to make cleaning the carpets even

From a decorative point of view, when you install carpets that are the
same shade as the walls, this décor trick will create the impression of a
larger room. Darker shades of carpet can create the feeling of warmth
while neutral colors give you comfort and tranquillity in the home. So
there are many wonderful benefits to having our carpets.

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